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Character of Jack Russell Terrier

Our Jacks playing in the garden 57 Immagini

Jack Russell terriers are since ancients time working dogs. But in contrast to the most other breeds Jack Russell terrier is very close to his original basis. Even if the hunting is not so frequent today, breeders hold the original improving aims and the representative of Jack Russell terrier can we meet on shows only scarcely ever. They are not affected and that's why they are so attractive. Hereditary defects do not almost appear about them, and an appraisal of the length of his life on 15 years is definitely note exaggerated. Jack Russell terriers are not dogs for lazy fellows certainly. They are intelligent, full of energy. These dogs, with theirs energy and need of activity, have only a few possibilities in the usual residential quarter. Therefore it is the matter of their owner to offer them enough activity. Do not wait that your dog will conform to the life on the couch, it will not happen. It is evident that with regard to his nature the dog will seek for activities, which you and your neighbors will not appreciate. That is why the Jack Russell terrier is the right dog for people, who like to do something with their dog and do not want to spend their time at home. We must be aware of the Jacks are hunting dogs and they have quite enough of hunting instinct. If a puppy comes to household where more animals live, it will accept them usually without any problems. If the Jack Russell terrier grows up together with parrots, ferrets and cats, it will never harm them and it will be their big friend. But it pays the same thing conversely: when you want to bring home an older "jack" , which wasn't in contact with other house animals, you must count that the other animals will be for it a bag and it will act according to it. Russell terrier is a true friend of a man. He barks at visitors but it is everything. He embraces all visitors with enthusiasm: more people, more fun. Good socialized Jack Russell terrier is a friend with yours but also other children. These dogs are not oversensitive, they have sport nature and they like games and fun - doesn't matter how crazy it is and how long it takes. Jack Russell terriers are always independent. It results from their original using - the dog has made decisions during the hunting in fox burrow not its owner. Therefore they need consequential training. They obey their owner not because they want to serve him but because they like it - they do it only for themselves. That's why it is necessary so that the training would be really incentive and interesting. Jacks hate boring exercises. On the other side too much forbearing or democratic orientated owners manage nothing with this race too; the dog does what it likes. It depends on the owner if he has lovely, cheerful, not complicated, sporting dog and people will envy it to him or if he has a dog which is known as the terrorizing jack Russell terrier.